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You can totally hang out with me in Alabama.

I will be attending Control Point Con 3 (CP Con 3) from December 31st through January 3rd in Huntsville Alabama. Control Point is a very popular Team Fortress 2 podcast created by the Dead Workers Party. I am an important member of the CP community and close friends with the hosts of Control Point. I'm also a host of the Left 4 Dead podcast for DWP called the Safe House.

Anyhoo, this Con will consist of LAN gaming, board gaming, Rock Band/DJ Hero/Guitar Hero gaming, an open mic night, a Rock Band contest and a farewell dinner. I will also be giving 3D Vision demonstrations of games like Left 4 Dead 2, Resident Evil 5 and Batman Arkham Asylum. Besides myself you can also meet Joe Hills and Art Frederick, the creators of Jack of all Blades, Ash Williams of Dumb Blonde, Dead , Shannon Saar the creator of the Wighthouse comic and the four totally awesome hosts of Control Point.

If you are near Huntsville or Alabama you should consider dropping by. You can hang out and have a great time for free, but if you want a schwag bag and if you want to attend the dinner, then it will cost you $6.00. If you are interested in this shindig, then you should join the Dead Workers Party forums where we are all talking about the Con.

The hotel the attendees are staying at is the Holiday Inn in downtown Huntsville. Most of the Con happens at Lowe Mill which is a very short drive from the hotel.


CP Con 3

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