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Will The Real GeForce 9 Series Please Stand Up?

In the past few days, tons of information about nVidia's next generation video cards has surfaced. It seems the true heir to the ground-breaking GeForce 8 Series has finally arrived. Specs are listed below, note that the stream processors in these new cards are supposedly 50% faster than those in the GeForce 8 series.

GeForce GTX 280 (GeForce 9900 GTX?)

  • 240 Stream Processors
  • 512-bit Memory Interface
  • 602/1296MHz core/shader
  • 1107MHz memory (141 GB/sec)
  • 32 ROPs
  • DirectX 10.0 Compliant
  • 1 GB GDDR3 Memory
  • PureVideo HD
  • PhysX Ready
  • Tri-SLi Support

GeForce GTX 260 (GeForce 9900 GTS?)

  • 192 Stream Processors
  • 448-bit Memory Interface
  • 576/?MHz core/shader
  • 999MHz memory (111 GB/sec)
  • 28 ROPs
  • DirectX 10.0 Compliant
  • 896 MB GDDR3 Memory
  • PureVideo HD
  • PhysX Ready
  • Tri-SLi Support

I'm not 100% confident about the clock speeds, but the rest of the specs have been echoed from a couple of different sources and appear to be accurate.

I'm pretty sure these cards are going to stomp ATi's upcoming RV770 based cards. However, nVidia is rumored to be pricing the GTX 280 at $600. ATi, on the other hand, is shooting for around $300 with its single-chip RV770 boards. This sets the stage for a dual RV770 (aka R700) vs GTX 280 matchup at the $600 price point. Not sure who will end up faster there, but an SLi GTX 280 setup will almost certainly be faster than Quad-RV770 due to scaling issues with 4 cores. So I'm predicting nVidia will retain the overall performance crown and we'll see some great competition at the $600 price point.

Pics can be found here. More discussion here and here.

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