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Video podcast time!

Well here we go....

The YouTube embeding is not working now, but Mike will have it fixed soon.

GPUReview.com Video Podcast Episode 1 Part 1
GPUReview.com Video Podcast Episode 1 Part 2
GPUReview.com Video Podcast Episode 1 Part 3

By the way, Part 3 ends very suddenly because I forgot that I have a totally exellent picture of Carmen Electra in the nude as my desktop. I was unable to censure her boobies so I had to end the video. I blame Carmen for being so damn hot. I will make sure to change my desktop background the next time I do a video podcast. 

Here is your link dump:

Zalman cooling products.

Arctic Cooling VGA coolers.

Thermaltake DuOrb , VGA air coolers and VGA waterblocks.

Thermalright VGA heatsinks. 

Only Brits care about ATI article.

The Tech Report article that plots performance/$10 versus FPS in PC games like Crysis.

Evga's page for their Precision Overclocking tool.


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