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URGENT! Dell 8800 GT customers must read this!

If you purchased a 8800 GT from Dell in November and you have not recevied it you should go to a hardware review site that begins with the letter [H] right now. There is a special deal that you can read about over there that should turn your frown upside down. Please do not take advantage of this deal if you were not boned by Dell. It's just not nice.

UPDATE 12-21-07

Some of you are still wondering what this vague (I did that on purpose) story was about. [H]ard|OCP had noticed that many people who ordered a 8800 GT from Dell way back in November, still had not received their card yet. They talked to BFG about this and BFG decided to give 500 [H]ard|OCP readers with this problem a $100 discount (via a coupon code) on BFG's overclocked 512MB 8800 GTS. This made the card $299, which is more than $30 cheaper than any other 512MB 8800 GTS.

This deal was only meant for [H]ard|OCP readers that were stiffed by Dell. That is why I did not want to link to the deal. Yet I knew that some people that read this site might be [H]ard|OCP readers and they might have ordered a 8800 GT from Dell. So I left you a clue in the form of [H]ard|OCP's "h" with the brackets around it. If you have read [H]ard|OCP (or many of my posts on this site) you would have known what site begins with the letter [H].

I apologize for not providing you with all the facts, but I feel that in this instance it was entirely necessary.

[H]appy [H]olidays!

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