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UPDATE VisionTek and PNY are rumored to be falling on hard times.

There are people out there, in the world. Some of these people are murmuring.  And some of those people are murmuring about PNY and VisionTek's financial woes. PNY is rumored to be trying to sell their video card and memory business (which is all I know them for) and VisionTek might be filing for the dreaded bankruptcy. Looking at this thread, it seems that people are glad that VisionTek might be circling the drain and kinda indifferent about PNY's supposed problems.

I once owned GeForce 4 and a AGP 6800 GT from PNY and they were both fine products. The 6800 GT is still alive in kicking in my old PC that I sold to my dad.I don't really mind if PNY stops making video cards, but I find it hard to believe that they won't be making memory products anymore.


VisionTek responded to [H]ard|OCP's article, and while it was not mentioned in their official response, [H]ard|OCP has learned that VisionTek was saved from bankruptcy by a large "infusion of venture capital". 

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