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There is no GTX 680 shortage, customers are just buying them all.

According to Nvidia, the perceived shortage of GTX 680s on the market is not because they are not shipping enough of them, it's because people are buying them so quickly. At a meeting for investors Nvidia released a slide (without numbers on the y axis mind you) which shows that the GTX 680 has 60% higher sales than the GTX 580 did 6 weeks after there launches.

The slide in question has a few flaws in it. The GTX 680 and GTX 580 are mislabeled as the GT680 and GT580 and the grammar on the y axis is not worded well. When PC Perspective asked if "units sold out globally" actually means "units sold globally" they were told that that is correct.  

At Newegg you can see that out of 17 models, only 4 are in stock, but what do you guys think?


Nvidia Slide

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