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The rumors are true. I host podcasts.

The rumors are true. I host podcasts. Page 2

I played TF2 with the hosts as often as I could and when they started recording their podcasts live via Ustream I made sure to watch and participate through the Ustream chat. The hosts even invited me to be a guest on Control Point a few times. And then this year they offered me my first real hosting gig. Eric asked me to co-host an episode of The Daily Gamer to talk about Crysis. Apparently I did a good job because a few days later Brent Copeland (Chaos) asked me if I would like to host a Left 4 Dead podcast with him and two other CP community members. When I regained control of my brain I said "HELL YES!".

So we recorded 6 episodes of The Safe House on January 24th and the episodes are being edited and released every Monday. Episodes 2-6 are all about the No Mercy campaign and episodes 7-11 (which we are recording soon) will focus on the 5 chapters of Death Toll. The episodes contain lots of information but we do our best to keep them entertaining. Apparently people love my Hank Hill impersonation so I will make sure he makes a comeback in later episodes.


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