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The return of the Newegg prices shall herald a new age!

You may not have noticed, but I was on strike for over a month because I was getting frustrated with some things on the site that were broken that Mike had never got around to fixing. The number one problem was that our Newegg prices on the card pages were not being displayed.

Mike and I established a dialogue and I suggested that we bring a friend of mine (Don Hiles) on board to do all the things that I am too stupid to do. Hopefully he will be ready to begin working with us sometime in February. I'll see if I can get Don to introduce himself to y'all on the boards real soon.

On Friday night Mike and I were chatting on AIM about things like his super awesome job at Google and why he doesn't have time to fix things, when all of a sudden he decided to fix the Newegg price bug! The links were broken for 6 months and he was able to fix the problem in a few minutes. I was (and am) elated!

Since then I have added the HD 5900 cards to the database, I got an overclocking roundup that I am going to post right after this one, and I will be adding the GTX 570 to the site on Wednesday night. Don and I are doing a full-fledged usability test of the site while I add the GTX 570 so that we can identify ways to improve the site for me and for you.

We live in exciting times, don't we true believers?! 

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