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The latest GeForce GTX 680 news you can use.

On Saturday the Dutch site ComCom listed a pre-order for a Zotac GTX 680 for what amounts to 563 US dollars. The card is listed with a 1,006MHz core speed, a 6,008MHz memory speed and only a 256-bit memory bus. Looks like I'll have to update our GTX 680 information!


Zotac Pre-order

Yesterday some pictures of Gigabyte's GTX 680 appeared in a Overclock.net thread. For those that don't want to sign up for those forums, click here for more info and pics.


Gigabyte GTX 680 pic

Some GTX 680 benchmarks were posted on the Chinese VR-Zone site on Monday. Try this link if you are better with English. Over in the GPU-Z screen you can see that they were using version 300.99 Nvidia drivers and the GTX 680 was clocked to 1,150/2,299/7,200.


And today two factory overclocked GTX 680s showed up for pre-order at NCIX. There's an MSI model clocked at 1,056Mhz and a Evga Superclocked model. Both cards are listed for $577.98.

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