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The HD 6870 and HD 6850 have arrived.

The HD 6800 series reviews are in and they are in your e-stores. The most important thing about this launch is that AMD has screwed with the meaning of their 800 series. The 6800s have been designed to be mid range cards instead of top range cards. People who are not aware of this change will assume that the HD 6800 cards are much faster than the GTX 460 and GTX 470. According to what I've read both cards are indeed faster than both GTX 460 models but the HD 6870 only trades blows with the GTX 470. Depending on the game, sometimes the GTX 470 wins, and sometime the HD 6870 wins.

One more thing that I want to point out is some new connectors that the HD 6870 is sporting. The reference HD 6870 comes with two mini DisplayPort version 1.2 connectors, one HDMI 1.4a connector and two DVI connectors of which one is single link, the other dual-link. Check out the middle of this page at PC Perspective to see all the connection possibilities these connectors allow.  

AMD Radeon HD 6000 series

All the HD 6870s out there right now have stock cooling, but here are the sexiest HD 6850s that I've seen so far:


Best looking HD 6850s

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