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The HD 4830 just moved in and is looking for friends.

It is time to meet the new kid on the block. Will the HD 4830 be accepted by the community, or will the community ignore it and force it to eat lunch alone? Only time will tell.

AMD is "resetting" the performance bar below $150 with this launch. Did you notice how they decided to choose the word "resetting" instead of "lowering"? Lowering the bar is always a bad thing, but resetting the bar that is something that the consumer can live with.

Here are some reviews to tide you over while I get everything setup and ready for the new kid in town.

Legit Reviews Reference HD 4830 

Neoseeker Reference HD 4830

PC Perspective Reference HD 4830

techPowerUP! Reference HD 4830 and PowerColor HD 4830

UPDATE: The HD 4830 page is ready and I have entered all the cards I could find.


AMD HD 4830

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