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The GTX 950 launches, is the first card with faster response time.

Most of the details about the GTX 950 leaked online right before the digital press presentation held on Tuesday at 3:00pm Pacific. What wasn't leaked was the price ($159 for the basic models) and the news that the GTX 950 is the first card that Nvidia has optimized for playing MOBAs.

When playing MOBAs it is very important for your clicks to result in on-screen action as soon as possible. The time it takes for a mouse or keyboard click to begin an action on the screen can be called input latency or responsiveness. In order to make the GTX 950 (and soon their other GTX 900 cards) appeal to MOBA gamers, Nvidia reduced the response time by rendering faster and making some latency optimizations. For example, the GTX 650 had an 80 millisecond (ms) response time in DOTA 2 and the new GTX 950 has a 45ms response time after DOTA 2 has been optimized in the GeForce Experience software. That is quite the improvement.

It only takes one click to optimize your game in order to obtain this faster response time. On the GeForce Experience page for your game there is a green Optimize button below the game's setting list and to the right. Just click that button and you are ready to reap the rewards of a faster response time in your MOBA game.

GeForce Experience Updates

Some of the features may have already existed in some form (I haven't used any of them yet), but I think Nvidia improved them and that is why they took the time to mention them in their press briefing. We will all be able to try out these new features in a "Share early access beta" next month.

There are 4 modes that allow you to record and/or share your gaming footage. Instant replay keeps the last 5 to 20 minutes of gameplay for you so you can review it, save it and share it. Record allows you to record game footage at a maximum resolution of 3840x2160 (4K) at up to 60 frames per second.

The Gallery is new for the Share beta. It allows you to view saved clips and then upload them straight to YouTube without exiting your game. You can also edit your clips before you upload them. You will be able to adjust your recording settings while in your game or while on your desktop.

There is also a new Broadcast overlay which allows you to add a camera or voice chat to your video stream before you begin your Twitch stream.

The newest mode is the GameStream Co-op. It allows you to share your game with one other person over the Internet. You will (of course) be able to use voice chat with your friend during your stream. It should be noted that GameStream Co-op will automatically shut off after 1 hour. The time limit may change in the future depending on demand and other factors, but this feature is not meant to allow you to stream or play co-op with your pal all day long. You can use GameStream Co-op in the following ways: 


  • Your friends can simply watch you play in a low latency 1:1 stream.
  • Take control of your game with mirrored controls to help you find something or beat a tough part
  • Join you in supported games like Trine 3, Gauntlet, FIFA 15, NBA 2K15, and Mortal Kombat Komplete. 

I should also mention that Nvidia is doing its best to make GameStream Co-op secure. They stated that the stream will shutdown if your game is not running in full screen mode. That way, the other person can't minimize your game and take control of your PC. The only instructions that your co-op player should be able to send to the game on your PC is controller input. Now that I think about it, I hope Nvidia has thought of a way to prevent someone from deleting your game's save files. I think I'll ask them about that.

Check out this article on Nvidia's site for screenshots and a video about these new GeForce Experience features. That article also tells you to "stay tuned" to this site (which doesn't exist yet) so that you can download the early access beta next month.  

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