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The first 9800 GTX+ and HD 4870 pages show themselves.

Jetway has broken all the rules (I guess) by letting their HD 4870 page out of the bag. This particular model only has 512MB of GDDR5 and according to them it (and their HD 4850) has only 480 shader processors. That must be a mistake on their part.

On the 9800 GTX+ side we have Inno3D and Galaxy representin'. Galaxy never lists the speeds for their cards but the Inno3D model has a memory speed of 1,100MHz (2,200 DDR) which is great because places like PC Perspective only had ~1,000MHz listed for the GTX+. The original 9800 GTX had a 1,100MHz memory speed, so I'm glad that at least some GTX+s will be that fast as well.

Here is a picture of the Jetway HD 4870 for you:


Jetway HD 4870

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