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The contest is over and Sideshow reminder.

Snehagj (also known as Sneha Tammineedi) is our final contest winner! There were only 28 re-tweets this week and she had 16 of them so I was not very surprised that one of her numbers came up. I have sent her a tweet to let her know she won and I have already heard back from her. Once she signs up for (and installs) Steam she will let me know what game she wants.

To all our contest winners, remember to use your $50 Sideshow Collectibles gift cards before the end of the year on an eligible item on this page. I will remind you all again via a news post in December. Also, I would love to know what you folks end up getting from Sideshow so please drop me a line when you decide.


Sneha's favorite God.

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