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The Asus N7600GS/HTD/256M is officially full of WIN!

This is an unaltered pic from Asus' N7600GS/HTD/256M page

Asus N7600GS/HTD/256M is full of win.

I loled. (By the way, the page for this card was created today, even though it is for a 7600 GS.) Could this picture be more funny? I want to see you guys photoshop this picture to make it even more hilarious. Post a link to your pic in the comments section and I will post it in this news post with your name.

UPDATE: This card was available on Newegg not too long ago. Check out those reader reviews

From Gapper100:



Jimday666's entry.


bls_met@l's pic.


Anoyance's pic.



All of the above pics are nothing when compared to irhira's Nappa/DBZ reference:


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