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The All-In-Wonder series is back!

Back in September of 2006, ATI decided to pull the plug on their All-In-Wonder series of video cards. The last AIW card made was the aptly named AIW 2006. Now it is 2008 and the AIW HD 3650 is on the march. The All-In-Wonder series allows users to have a TV tuner, PVR (personal video recorder, think TiVo for PCs) and a gaming video card in one piece of hardware. They are popular with persons looking for a card with all these features in one card (that is why they are call All-In-Wonder). They are great solutions for small PCs with limited amounts of PCI slots.

The VisionTek model is available now from Best Buy, and they should be available from e-tailers soon. Now here are more links for your pleasure:

AMD Press Release
AMD AIW HD 3650 home page


All-In-Wonder logo.

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