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The 8800 GT Has Arrived

We've all been drooling over the leaked specs and svelt price point for weeks now. Today the myth becomes reality, and it's pretty much eveything we hoped it would be. We'll be getting all the retail versions on our card page along with reviews from around the web and some pricing from Newegg.com. I've read most of the reviews at this point, and the card is pretty much exactly what everyone was anticipating. From what I hear RV670 won't quite be able to match it performance-wise (but RV670 *will* have DX10.1) so if you're in the market for a new video card, every excuse you had for not doing so just go thrown out the window (unless of course you just plain don't have $250). I already ordered mine...:)

GeForce 8800 GT Specs, Reviews, and Pricing  

GeForce 8800 GT

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