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Tales From the Parser II

Holy balls! There is so much news that I HAVE TO post today. This is just the first of at least 3 stories I need to do. (Takes a deep breath) Here we go!

In the parser this morning I found some neat stuff that I thought was cool enough collectively to post. We now have the XpertVision 1GB 8800 GT which is supposedly overclocked (Super+), but they don't say what the clock speeds are (those jerks). The XpertVision and Palit sites are normally clones of each other so there should be a Palit version of this card soon.

In our Newegg inventory parser I found the Sapphire X1950 Pro Dual 1GB which is two X1950 Pro GPUs on one sexy video card. That card was not in our database because Sapphire still does not have a page up for this card. It is neat, but much more expensive than buying two separate X1950 Pros.

PowerColor has shocked the UNIVERSE and listed the first silent HD 3870. Very large aluminum heatsink you guys. 

Leadtek has a new 8800 GT with a super special Zalman cooler that is:

20 °C Lower than NV Reference Cooler
Lower GPU temperature + lower memory temperature + lower mosfet temperature = "stable" system + more OC potential.

Leadtek's Zalman tests


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