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Tales from the parser.

I found two new cards in the parser today that I would like to mention. First, PowerColor has gone and created the first 32 bit Radeon X1550 with a whopping 128MB of DDR2 ram clocked to 330MHz! Way to lower the bar there PowerColor! The X1550 is a crap card that many manufacturers change around to fit their needs, but this is the first 32 bit to be made (the reference card is 128 bit).

The second card is more funny than irratating. XFX released yet another (I think there are more) card with the letters "WANG" at the end of the model number. I introduce the XFX GeForce 7200 GS model PV-T72S-WANG. What is even better is that Newegg currently has the "manly" card in stock for $27.99 after a $10 mail in rebate. For you wang fans out there, I present you with links to all of Penny Arcade's comics involving wang.

All things wang.

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