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Price: Unlimited
The HD 6990 was able to hold onto its crown when challenged by the GTX 680 and the HD 7970 but it could not weather the storm that is the GTX 690. The GTX 690 is not only more powerful, it is MUCH more powerful. According to TechPowerUp's overall performance ratings, the HD 6990 has 69% of the GTX 690's power. All that power does come with a hefty price though. The GTX 690 has a $999 MSRP at launch.
Price: $400-$499
The HD 7970 has taken over for the HD 6870 X2 in this category.
Price: $300-$399
AMD can no longer lay claim to this price range. The HD 7870 is only 80% as fast as the GTX 670, so the GTX 670 is the new king of this segment.
Price: $200-$299
With a $250 launch price the HD 7850 is often chepaer than the 2GB HD 6950 and the 448 core GTX 560 Ti. It doesn't it hurt that the HD 7850 is faster than both of those cards either.
Price: $100-$199
The HD 6850 had this spot, but now the HD 6870 is the new sub $200 winner. The GTX 560 is the competition right now, but it can't match the power of the HD 6870.
Price: $50-$99
The HD 6750 is the best performer in this price range even though it is a HD 5750 with an updated BIOS. The GT 440 is no where near as fast.
Price: $0-$49
The GT 520 has taken over for the GT 220. Both of those are faster than the HD 5450.
Price: $100 and up
This is the only card you need to look at if you want to continue upgrading your AGP system ...
Price: < $100
... unless you want to spend less than $100, in which case you should get an HD 4650.
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