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Video Card Superlatives

Price: Unlimited
If you have to have the fastest, you will need to shell out about $1,000 for one of two cards. At resolutions above 1080p, the R9 295X2 beats the GTX Titan X, but not by much. At and below 1080p, the GTX Titan X can crank out more frames per second than the R9 295X2. It should be noted that because of its age, the R9 295X2 is much harder to find than the much newer GTX Titan X.
Price: $500-$699
If you can't spend a grand, then the GTX 980 Ti is the best choice. The GTX 980 Ti is always as fast or faster than the more expensive R9 Fury X. Right now most GTX 980 Tis are priced at $649, but a few can be had for $629 after mail in rebate.
Price: $400-$499
The GTX 980 is the only card within this price range worth talking about. The R9 390X can be had for less than $400 with a rebate and it can only beat the GTX 980 at 3840x2160 by a measly 1%.
Price: $300-$399
The R9 390X can now be found for less than $400 with a mail in rebate. It is a tad bit faster than the GTX 980 at 3840x2160 and almost as fast as the GTX 980 at lower resolutions.
Price: $200-$299
The R9 390 is faster than the GTX 970 at higher resolutions and it can now be found for less than $300 with a mail in rebate.
Price: $100-$199
There are three choices here and they are all from AMD. The R9 285, the R9 280X and the R9 380. The R9 280X is faster than the R9 285 and since the R9 380 is a re-branded R9 285, that means the R9 280X is the winner in this price bracket. You can now find it for less than $200 with a mail in rebate.
Price: $50-$99
The R7 260X is close, but it is not as powerful as the GTX 750 Ti.
Price: $0-$49
It is really hard to find reviews for cards in this price range so I had to compare the pixel and texture fill rates and the flops of the R5 230, the HD 6450 and the GT 720. In the end, the GT 720's numbers are much higher (both fill rates are twice as fast and the 720 has 100 more flops) than the other cards.
Price: $100 and up
This is the only card you need to look at if you want to continue upgrading your AGP system ...
Price: < $100
... unless you want to spend less than $100, in which case you should get an HD 4650.
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