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Some unconfirmed HD 2950 Pro and HD 2950 XT news.

I just posted the HD 2900 Pro news yesterday and now today techPowerUp! is telling us some delicious information about AMD's new RV670 line up. This new chip will power the new HD 2950 XT and HD 2950 Pro.

The HD 2950 XT will run at 825MHz/2.4GHz with 512MB of GDDR4 RAM. That is an 85MHz increase on the core and a 375MHz increase on the memory. That is pretty significant. There is no way you are gonna be able to clock a GDDR4 HD 2900 XT that high without some extreme cooling.

The HD 2950 Pro will run at 750MHz/1.8GHz with either 512 or 256MB of GDDR3 RAM. That is a 150MHz increase on the core and a 100MHz increase on the memory. I think that is just a big enough increase to be beyond the reach of an overclocked HD 2900 Pro.

What makes these impressive jumps in clock speeds possible is that the RV670 is made with a new 55nm process. Both of these new cards will feature PCI-E 2.0, UVD and a magical next generation CrossFire technology.

This news is "unconfirmed" due to this sentence:

The information HARDSPELL is reporting is not confirmed by any official source close to AMD or ATI, keep it in mind while reading.

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