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Some snazzy non-reference 8800 GTs.

I had the pleasure of adding a few special 8800 GTs to the database today. Three of them are from MSI and one from Elsa. MSI's NX8800GT-T2D1GE-OC and NX8800GT-T2D1GE are both 1GB 8800 GTs with what looks like the slanted 512MB 8800 GTS cooler. 

MSI 8800 GT 1GB

MSI also has a "Zilent" (the Z is for Zalman) 8800 GT as well. 

MSI Zilent 8800 GT

And then there is Elsa's specialness, which looks large enough to be a 3 slot cooler. The cooler looks like ZEROtherm's HC92 CU 8800 cooler that was reviewed in [H]ard|OCP's cooler article from last week. 

Elsa 8800 GT

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