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Some people always be hatin', but we're always keepin' it real.

So the official specifications for the GeForce 9800 GTX are (drum roll):

Core: 675MHz

Memory: 2,200MHz

Shader: 1,688MHz

Well gee..you know what? Those seem to be the same specifications that we entered into our database in late February. And back then some of you had some very strong opinions about the authenticity of those specifications.

From Anonymous on February 26 2008:

this cant be right, 256bit / 512mb?
both are lower then 8800GTX

9800 GTX 512MB (G92)
Texture Units: 56 (64)
8800 GTS 512MB (G92)
Texture Units: 64 (64)

so they downgraded the 8800GTS and made it into a 9800GTX?

From Me on April 1 2008:

Yes "it" is right and yes they did.

From Anonymous on February 27 2008:

Hey gpureview people, why do you even have this on your page when it's not even coming out for another month. That gpuz picture seems fake, those specs suck, and I don't think anything should be said until its official from Nvidia. I could Photoshop a gpuz picture like that or even better. Whose to say that's not a fake picture? I just can't believe those are the supposable specs of nvidia's near flagship graphics card. Also why would they use the G92 in it, the freaking 9600gt has a g94! The 9800gtx was supposed to be a G100. These specs just don't make sense.

From Me on April 1 2008:

Hey anonymous person, that GPU-Z screenshot was not fake but yes, a card with the name 9800 GTX and these specs, does not make sense. 

From Anonymous on February 27 2008:

Take this down. I didnt know GPU review started putting up RUMOR specs that arent official and almost 100% likely fake.

From Me on April 1 2008:

Like the hosts of The Totally Rad Show would say...this "RUMOR" turned out to be a TRUMOR. So anonymous, why don't you go take down...um...your FACE! lolz

From Anonymous on February 27 2008:

These specs are fake!!!!!!! Even the bandwith of the 9800gtx are lower than the 8800gtx. I smell... FAKE!!!!!!!!!!

From Me on April 1 2008:

I smell some one who was totally WRONG!!!!!!

From Lightnix on March 1 2008:

Erm, you do realise that every other website reporting this is also linking back to Expreview? The chances of this card having these specs is extraordinarily unlikely, especially as G92 seems to have a 1:2 TMU:Shader ratio but this seems to show 128:52 (however you want to simplify that, 32:13?)...

Now consider that the 'picture' of the 9800 GTX that was posted on VR-Zone was quite obviously a photoshop (look at it in a picture editor, there are loads of areas where the black is rgb < 444 and loads where it's rgb = fff. Not a real pic by far).

I'm also disappointed that unlike usual instead of waiting for a manufacturer to put their card up, you've just gone with an 'ifs and buts' hardware site...

Also, GPU-Z is hardly ever right pre-release, remember the 8800 GT? Yeah, I thought so.

From Me on April 1 2008:

OMG! It's a conspiracy! Good thing we (the Internet) have a detective like you on our side Mr. Lightnix. (Could you detect my sarcasm? Yeah, I thought so.)

From Anonymous on March 3 2008:

THIS IS a big damn FAKE!!!
8800GTX = 518.0 GFLOPS and 9800GTX = 432.128 GFLOPS? WTF? this is a big fake sorry...

From Me on April 1 2008:

Sorry? Sorry about what? Maybe you are sorry about being so WRONG!!!

From Anonymous on March 5 2008:

This can't possibly be real. This is, for all intents and purposes, identical to the 8800 GTS G92, and is actually WORSE in the memory clock

From Me on April 1 2008:

Oh, but it is real. It really is really real.

From Anonymous on March 8 2008:

Not sure where the G92 rumor came from, but the G82, G72, etc were never used for the 800 series of any of the generations. The 800 series has always had a chip ending in 0. I think the 9800 GTX will be based on a G90 chip and hopefully provide a huge leap in performance over the 8800 GTX/Ultras. As for all the pics and specs floating around, they all originated from the same site and are easily fakeable. Nothing about them makes sense, especially considering that it's supposed to have dual 6 pin power supply, whereas the 8800gts had 1, so definately not just an OC of that.

From Me on April 1 2008:

You know what is also "easily fakeable"? My sincerity when I say that your sixth sense is truly incredible.

From -rk on March 15 2008: 

Wow, I've seen so much bad info on the posts for this card...

for example: "800 series always ends with a "0" not a 2" (I'm assuming that you are talking about geforce 8800 series cards)

The 8800GT and GTS 512 use the G92 core.

Do some more research or state your point more clearly.

That said, I also think that the released info on this card is probably wrong. I don't think that Nvidia is so stupid that they would place a G92 in the 9800 when they could upgrade the G94. It's much more efficient.
You can't always believe what press says about a card, nor can you get all pissy at the admins for wanting to get SOME info about a new card out there.

So you can all stop pissing yourselves.

Why am I always so angry??? 

From Me on April 1 2008:

Nope, Nvidia is this stupid but thanks for the support. (Even though it sounds like you have a urine fetish. Creeeeep-y!)


Well this time, Mike and I were lucky enough, trusting enough (in Expreview and other sites) and cynical enough to get the facts on the 9800 GTX correct. We might not always be 100% correct from the get-go, but we promise to always make the necessary corrections and apologies. Maybe some of the above users will do the same by posting a comment to this story...  

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