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Some Computex 2008 nuggets to chew on.

I have gone all around the Webernet and located all the neato video card stuff from Computex 2008. Except for the MSI and Biostar VGA walls, the rest of these links feature cards that are not available yet. Please to enjoy:

Gigabyte HD 4850 photo from t-break.
Gigabyte HD 4850 article from Hexus.

MSI's VGA wall from TweakTown.
Biostar's VGA wall from TweakTown.
Gainward GTX 280 box shot from TweakTown.

New 9600 GT (Matrix) from Asus from t-break.
ECS watercooled 9800 GTs from t-break.

Passively cooled Point of View 8800 GT and Wall-E game promotion from Guru3D.
The 2GB MSI 9600 GT Diamond from Guru3D.

UPDATE 6-05-08:

GTX 260 Tech Demo Video from TweakTown
GTX 280 Video from Tom's Hardware.

HIS puts a DisplayPort connector on a HD 3450 from Hexus.
Nvidia's 13 new mobile GPUs from Hexus.

A new ECS 9600 GT and a closer pic of one of those watercooled 9800 GTs from Guru3D.
HIS AGP HD 3870 from Guru3D.

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