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Some coming PC games that will look purdy.

Most of the game news from E3 has been announced and thought it would be a good idea to list off some cool PC games that are coming out that will allow your graphics hardware to shine. Here we go!

You probably did not know that these games are coming to the PC:


  • Gears of War Release Date: TBA 2007 It was announced during Microsoft's Press Conference that Gears will be on the PC. Cliffy B demoed a battle with a very large creature and you can view this video here in HD. I hope you know about Gears of War already.
  • Assassin's Creed Release Date: Consoles November 2007, PC TBA This game is very cool. You play an assassin that climb any surface that is not flat and smooth. For example, the cracks in the wall are not just textures, they are physically there and you can stick your fingers in the cracks and climb the walls. The crowds in the game are also a major part of the gameplay. Blend in or cause a scene and distract your enemy. You can view a video of the E3 demo here in HD. The demo was played on the Xbox 360.
  • Haze Release Date: Q2 2008 It was being called a PS3 exclusive, but it turns out it will only be a timed exclusive for the PS3. Tony Key has said, "Haze will only be found on PS3 this holiday season, and will remain exclusive through the first quarter of the calendar year." Haze is all about this huge private military corporation (Mantel) that has its own army of guys that are hopped up on a bio-medical drug known as Nectar. You can view the E3 trailer (PS3) in HD here and you can see some PS3 jungle gameplay right here.
  • Devil May Cry 4 Release Date: TBA Fight tons of freaky demons using swords, guns and awesome combos. This time you are playing as Nero and the blood will fly. There are no new videos for the game from this E3, but here is a link to GameTrailer's Devil May Cry 4 video page.
  • S.T.A.L.K.E.R Clear Sky Release Date: Q1 2008 This will be the prequel to the first S.T.A.L.K.E.R and it takes place 1 year before Shadow of Chernobyl. There are no videos or images yet, just the announcement.
  • Painkiller: Overdose Release Date: October 2007 Originally I thought this was a full sequel but GameTrailers says it's a "...fully featured community created mod for the acclaimed first person shooter, Painkiller, that includes an all new single player experience." Check it out the teaser in HD right here.
  • Legendary: The Box Release Date: Q1 2008 A man is fooled into stealing Pandora's Box. He opens the box and unleashes gryphons, werewolves and demons on a modern day world. A man vs mythical beast war begins and everything is complicated by the actions of some powerful secret soceities. Check out the trailer in HD right here.
  • The New Wolfenstein Game Release Date: TBA 2007 This is a new Wolfenstein game that is being built with ID's new ID Tech 5 technology. No images, title of videos yet.
  • F.E.A.R. Perseus Mandate Release Date: Q4 2007 The second expansion pack for F.E.A.R. I will enjoy it! IGN has only 2 pictures so far.


Now here are the games that you are pobably already waiting for in order of release date:


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