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Some benefits of having a multi-core CPU in your gaming PC.

I was reading PC Perspective's review of Intel's new Core 2 Extreme QX6850 processor, when one of their benchies caught my eye. There are two tests that are using Valve's new Source engine updates that are being developed right now. Check out these super sweet numbers. (I am so glad I have a QX6700.) For those of you that are not brimming with CPU knowledge, I will tell you that all the CPU's on the graph are all dual core except for the QX6700 and QX6850 which are quad cores. So if a single core processor was benched, it would probably score half as well as the FX-62 or E6700.

I first read about these Source engine updates in this wonderful [H]ard|OCP article. I am pretty sure that the updated Source engine will be utilized in Left 4 Dead and the three games found inside The Orange Box.

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