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Some actual graphics card news! OMGBBQSAUCE!

X-bit Labs has (or more accurately, had) the scoop on Nvidia's coming 9800 series (sound familar?) video cards. I am not going to copy everything from their story here, but here are some tidbits:


  • 512 bit memory interface
  • 1GB of GDDR4 on at least one of the high end cards
  • 65nm process from TSMC
  • Built in audio chip (Probably to match ATI's HDMI output in the HD 2000 series)
  • Launch will occur in November 2007 with the 9800 GTX and 9800 GTS parts
  • I am not gonna tell you the price of these cards! Click the link to find out.

Wait a minute! This news is from June 3rd 2007. :( Has anyone seen any more up-to-date news on G92? I found an article from June 29th, using the G92 Wikipedia entry just now.

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