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Snarky comments in your Crysis system requirements.

The system requirements for Crysis over at Future Shop's website originally said this up until about 3:00AM Eastern this morning:

* Optical Drive: DVD-ROM
* CPU Speed: At least a 2.8GHz processor. Try something with Dual Cores - that should help. Maybe cut some speed holes in the case and add some fans. Ooh, and some of those neon lights. And stickers - they make it go faster.
* Disk Space: 1.0GB for local play. 6GB for play on the "tubes" (they're not like a truck, you can't just put things on them.)
* Display: Just buy a new video card. Seriously. (Oh, alright: At least an Nvidia 6600 or an ATI x1600 with Shader Model 2.0 - See, told you). It'll do some pretty stuff with DirectX 10 so you might want to upgrade to Vista and a DX10 video card while you're at it. Yes, we finance.
* Memory (RAM): A Hojillion GB (1GB should be good. You really can't have too much RAM though).
* Operating System Compatibility: Windows XP and Vista. Vista is required for all the DX10 prettiness. Not Mac Compatible (well, you could always get a new iMac and dual boot. It's not a bad choice.)

After the person who wrote that was either fired or at least yelled at, the system requirements were changed to the following:

*Optical Drive: 16X CD/DVD Drive
*CPU Type: Intel
*CPU Speed: 933MHz
*Disk Space: 2.0GB
*Display: AGP Video Card with 64MB or more of memory + NVIDIA GeForce 3 or greater or a ATI Radeon 8500 or greater
*Memory (RAM): 256MB
*Operating System Compatibility: Win98/ME/2000/XP, Not Mac Compatible

The minimum requirements that are generally accepted to be accurate by the Interweb community are:

*Optical Drive: DVD Drive
*CPU: Athlon 64 3000+/Intel 2.8ghz
*Disk Space: 6GB
*Display: Nvidia 6600 or ATI X1600 - Shader Model 2.0
*Memory (RAM): 1GB
*Operating System Compatibility: DX9 with Windows XP/Vista DX10 with Vista

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