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Sapphire questioned over X1950 Pro for X1900 XT downgrade.

I am in full support of Ladyhawk on this one. Her Sapphire X1900 XT failed on her and Sapphire attempted to convince her to let them replace it with a X1950 Pro. She was pretty sure that was a bad idea so she opened this thread asking for opinions. Most users correctly warned her to not accept the X1950 Pro because it does not perform as well as her old X1900 XT. In fact, the 2nd person person to reply linked to our comparison page for those two cards. (Thanks jmackay!)

She then took her case to Sapphire's forums where after making 4 posts in the thread she started, she was banned. In a show of [H]ard|Forum solidarity, snaggletooth opened up a thread to show support for Ladyhawk. This new thread has a poll and is connected to Digg right here. The goal here (which I support) is to Digg this up and hopefully get a satisfactory response from Sapphire.

What Sapphire tried to do is wrong. They attempted to satisfy a customer with an inferior product and they have thusfar done nothing to help their customer but make her wait for a X1900 XT that may never materialize. I encourage all of you to use your Digg powers to fight the "man".


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