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Sapphire first to web with their 2600 Pros, 2400 XTs and 2400 Pros.

These pages apparently appeared in our new automatic parser on May 23rd, but I just noticed them. My bad. They have pages up for the HD 2600 XTs (PCI-E & AGP), HD 2600 Pros (PCI-E & AGP), HD 2400 XTs (PCI-E & AGP), and HD 2400 Pros (PCI-E & AGP). Sadly there are no pictures of any of the actual cards. There is however a handy new XLS spec sheet for the "2k" series.

I don't have enough time today to get all this stuff added, but I have added the 12 card HD 2600 series to our database as they are specified in the XLS. I am known for my poor opinions about Sapphire's web presence...so Mike, I am gonna need some help here. 

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