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Sapphire brings an overclocked HD 3850 to AGP slots.

Bit-tech was at CES 2008 and ran into this overclocked (700/1,700) AGP HD 3850 from Sapphire. It looks like this may be the first DirectX 10.1 video card for your AGP motherboard. Woooooo! Wooo! Woo.


Here is some AGP love. Do you accept?


Last night commentor Rasec brought the PowerColor AGP HD 3850 to my attention. He said it was on their site. Then I thought to myself, "Then why did not the parser not grab it for me?". Well it turns out the card is not featured on PowerColor's US/English site (which is what our parser is pulling from) but it is featured on their Global and Australian sites. So without further ado, here it is.

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