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Rick Allen is a nice guy and other tales...

As some of you may or may not know, Nvidia was once again at the Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) again this year. Since I attended for the first time this year, I knew I just had to introduce myself to persons over at Nvidia's booth. All of Nvidia's booth peoples were very nice and very knowledgable but Rick and I ended up spending some quality time together. Rick is currently the PR (Public Relations) Manager of Nvidia's Notebook segment. When we were talking, I had to admit to him that we have not gotten around to adding the most recent Nvidia (or ATI) notebook graphics cards to our site yet (we will Rick, I promise!).

On Tuesday I will have more time to tell you about Rick and the stuff we talked about and did together. I have some pictures and some audio I will be sharing with you guys. Right now I am going to continue to enjoy the rest of my vacation here in Seattle. Meet me back here on Tuesday OK?

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Note: I will of course not allow my relationship with Rick to compromise my journalistic integrity here at GPUReview.com.


Because of my return flight I was awake for more than 28 hours once I got back on Tuesday. So yeah, once I got home I slept until this morning. I will post the stuff I promised tonight. 

EDIT 2: The Editening

I have taken a few precious seconds to upload a new picture of Rick (and me) for you folks. If you look at the white pin that I am wearing, you may learn something about me. If you choose to utilize this information let me say this: I only have one game right now but I would enjoy chatting with you. Also, this has to be the best picture of me that I have ever seen. I am glad I made the effort to be clean shaven and slathered with antiperspirant (even though I was unable to "hook up" with one of the 40 females that were in attendance) while I was at PAX.

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