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Retail Cards Based On This Board

Companies like nVidia and ATi have 'board partners' which build and sell cards based on their designs. In fact, all of nVidia's cards are sold in this way, nVidia does not actually sell cards themselves. ATi sells cards directly, but the vast majority of their business is from their board partners. Both companies have a bunch of different board partners and they all create their own version of each card designed by nVidia or ATi.

Each different retail version of a card has different properties. It may have a redesigned cooler, or different inputs and outputs, or even higher clock speeds. Each card is different because each board partner is trying to stand out in the crowd. So you can find cards with better software packages or differing specifications from at least half a dozen different manufacturers. For example, there are currently 69 different incarnations of the GeForce 7600 GT in our database from 26 different manufacturers. And that's just for one card!

As you can imagine, it gets kinda hard to keep all of these cards straight and figure out how they're different. That's where this section comes in. We monitor manufacturer websites and retail outlets to find all the different retail version of a given card and add them to our database. We track all kinds of information about them so you can see them all side-by-side and figure out which one best fits your needs.

Recently we've added a couple of new features to this section. We currently have pricing for a lot of cards listed in this section from Newegg.com and I made the different columns sortable. You can sort the list of retail cards according to price, name, core or memory clock, buswidth, or the amount of memory on the card.

The pricing links go straight to Newegg.com and GPUReview.com gets 1% of anything you buy after following that link. So if you find these pages helpful, I encourage you to support GPUReview.com by following those links when you are ready to purchase your card.

In the HDCP column, 's' refers to single-link HDCP, and 'd' refers to dual-link HDCP. The difference being that without dual-link HDCP you can't watch HDCP protected video at a resolution higher than 1920x1200.

Color Coding 

Clock speeds which exactly match the reference clocks will be black and not bolded. Clock speeds above the reference are bolded, and clock speeds below the reference are bolded and in red. Numbers in gray with a ? next to them are assumed to be reference clock speeds (and they usually are) but could not be verified on the manufacturer's website.

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