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Radeon HD 2900 Pro and GT to arrive on this planet soon.

Apparently a few days ago HIS put up a page for the new HD 2900 Pro. For some reason I am unable to access any of HIS' pages from work today so I am currently unable to view the page myself. I do however have some information that I have located elsewhere.

(UPDATE) After running the parser, I discovered that GeCube has a page up for their HD 2900 Pro as well. I don't want to shock you... but it looks exactly like HIS' HD 2900 Pro!

According to techPowerUp!, the HD 2900 Pro is simply an underclocked HD 2900 XT and HIS is recommending a price of $249. techPowerUP! was also awesome enough to post the following picture:

HIS HD 2900 Pro specs Credit to TechPowerUp

HD 2900 Pro and 2900 GT specs

So if the clock speeds of the Pro are 600/1600, what do you guys think the speeds of the GT will be?

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