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Quick! Someone buy me two more 8800 GTXs!

I apologize for not posting this yesterday but I was very busy at my real job. There is now official 3-Way SLI for everyone!**

**For everyone with an Intel 680i motherboard with three PCI-Express slots, a PSU with 1,000 Watts or more, three 8800 Ultras or three 8800 GTXs, and this special 3-Way SLI connector that may or may have not shipped with your video card(s) or motherboard.

I have the Abit IN9 32X-MAX 680i Intel motherboard, an Enermax 1,000 Watt Galaxy PSU and one Evga 8800 GTX right now. So all I need is about $900 dollars so that I can get two more 8800 GTXs and the 3-Way SLI connector. Please get on that right away dear readers.

If you think this story has enough links already, prepare yourself for enough links to choke a yak.

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3-Way SLI

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