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Play some games with me (and Gadwall)!

A long time ago I posted my clan's information and asked you guys to come play some Half Life 2 Deathmatch with me. Well now that the Orage Box is out, GPUReview commenter Gadwall and I are playing a lot of Team Fortress 2. If you guys are into TF2 and you can follow the following rules you are welcome to join us.

The Rules:

  • No swearing or hate speach allowed at all. No sexually explicit language either. Occasional use of the lesser swears is permitted. Do not attempt to circumvent the text chat swear filter. We run a family friendly server.
  • We like to use our mics. It would be awesome if you used yours as well to communicate important game related information to your team.
  • We are not a competitive clan. Please do not ask use to scrim (scrimage) with you over and over and over again. If you do we will just ban you. You may ask us once, then we will tell you no.
  • You can small talk with me about video cards and the site a little but do attempt to engage me in a long conversation. I will be happy to talk with you by other means so just ask me.


We have 4 Source games on our server right now. You can access them all from the KillazInc website. The most popular server right now is Counter Strike: Source followed closely by Team Fortress 2. My Steam name is mentok1982 and in TF2 I always play as a medic. To make it easier for me to see that you guys are GPUReview.com readers, you could add the letters "GPU" in your player name if you want. You can change your player name in the Options menu for the game. 

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