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PhysX getting added to the basic GeForce driver for August 12th.

So soon you guys will be able to play the Unreal Tournament PhysX Mod like I did in our GTX 280 review without installing additional PhysX drivers. So sayeth this Tech Report article. The PhysX portion of the new GeForce drivers will also allow more GeForce cards to push PhysX calculations. GeForce 8 and GeForce 9 owners will finally be able to get in on the fun! 

What I can't wait to try is these new Nvidia PhysX demos that are pictured in the article. A fluid demo and a demo about some disgusting alien thing called the Great Kulu:

In this demo, Nvidia shows off soft-body physics through Kulu, a giant tentacled slug-caterpillar that chases you down corridors by hideously distorting itself like a trash bag full of Jell-O. I've had to sleep with the light on ever since testing this.

The Great Kulu

Look for the new PhysX demos to appear on this page on or after the 12th, but just grab the newest GeForce drivers from the usual place. By the way, I highly recommend the Medusa demo (currently available). It is great to watch and even more fun to mess with the facial parameters of medusa and the warrior.

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