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Official Windows Vista PC Requirements Posted

If you are reading this you are probably interested in Windows Vista and DirectX 10 which are poised to become the future foundation of PC gaming. Well, Microsoft has the official hardware requirements up and ready for you. Make sure to click the superscripts for more information if you need it, I sure did. What the heck is "Windows Aero"?

SIGH. If you click on a superscript you are taken to this page where they talk about how many pixels you can run on your "single monitor". I did the math on those numbers for you, because I am cool like that.

64 MB of graphics memory will get you any resolution UNDER 1280x1024
128 MB of graphics memory will get you resolutions of 1280x1024 up to 1920x1200
256 MB of graphics memory will get you higher resolutions than 1920x1200. They don't list an upper limit.

One more thing, Microsoft has a Beta program for you to run on your current machine that will give you upgrade advice. They call it the Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor Beta.

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