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Nvidia's stock plummets after news of significant quantities of defective mobile GPUs.

Unfortunatley they are not being specific about the mobile GPUs that have been affected. All they have said so far is that the chips are from the "previous-generation". Nvidia is attempting to fix the problem by providing laptop makers with drivers that make the fans turn on sooner to help prevent overheating and they are preparing some capital for repairs and replacements.

I hope they get more specific about the affected GPUs soon because I am going to be buying a Dell XPS M1330 next month with a mobile 8400 GS inside it.

After watching their stock for about 15 minutes the lowest that it has gone so far is $12.52. It is going up and down because people are selling and then opportunists are buying because the stock is cheap and they feel like the stock will go back up in the future. I am thinking about buying some myself...


Nvidia stock low.
New low.

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