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Nvidia's G92 and G94 parts are reportedly failing.

It looks as though the G84 and G86 parts are not the only parts that have been blessed by the Epic Fail Fairy. There are reports from board partners that G92 and G94 parts are failing more than they should. As you all know there are lot of G92 based cards, and 5 of those 8 are on our popular card list. That is not... good.

This is bad for Nvidia, bad for Nvidia board partners, bad for customers and good for AMD/ATI. We should all hope that the delicate GPU market competition does not get thrown out of balance.

"It seems that four board partners are seeing G92 and G94 chips going bad in the field at high rates. If you know what failures look like statistically, they follow a Poisson distribution, aka a bell curve. The failures start out small, and ramp up quickly - very quickly. If you know what you are looking for, you can catch the signs early on. From the sound of the backchannel grumblings, the failures have been flagged already, and NV isn't playing nice with their partners.

Why wouldn't they? Well, the G92 chip is used in the 8800GT, 8800GTS, 8800GS, several mobile flavours of 8800, most of the 9800 suffixes, and a few 9600 variants just to confuse buyers. The G94 is basically only the 9600GT. Basically we are told all G92 and G94 variants are susceptible to the same problem - basically they are all defective."

G92 Fail Chip

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