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Nvidia's future plans for 3D Vision.

Overclockers Club has a nice article detailing the future of 3D Vision that I found pretty interesting. Since I already have a 120Hz PC monitor and the 3D Vision glasses kit, I am in a pretty good position when it comes to watching 3D Blu-rays next year. I think I might get rid of my elderly DVD drive for a drive that can play 3D Blu-ray discs. I have also been thinking about getting a newer 120Hz HDTV that will allow me to use 3D Vision on a larger scale. If this 3D Blu-ray technology becomes a reality for me, you will be able to read all about my impressions right here.

When I went looking for a 3D Vision graphic to post here, I noticed that there are a lot more 3D Vision Test Drive Centers than there used to be. You can now try 3D Vision for yourself at 38 locations in 20 different states, so give it a go and tell us what you think.

UPDATE: Apparently "40 million homes" will have 3D TVs by 2014.

3D Vision

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