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Nvidia's CES press conference.

This is going to be a very short post due to the fact that I lost the original post that I worked on for about an hour because Nvidia's website crashed my browser. They are having problems with their News page due to CES I guess...

The only thing mentioned in the press conference that you folks would be interested in is that GF100 (Fermi) is "in volume production, ramping very hard and you can get a sneak peak of it here at CES." They also introduced 3D Vision Surround which is three 120Hz monitors arranged in a horizontal fashion. It is obvious that 3D Vision Surround is meant to combat ATI's Eyefinity technology.  

I am hoping that some more GPU related stories will come out of this year's CES, and if they do you can be sure that I will post them here for your reading pleasure.

Tweak News photographed a functioning Fermi engineering sample at Nvidia's booth.

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