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Nvidia's 8800 GT (G92) launch will now occur 2 weeks early.

DigiTimes says that according to graphics card makers, Nvidia is going to launch its 8800 GT part on October 29th in order to compete against ATI's November 19th launch of the HD 2950 Pro (RV670). Nvidia was going to launch the 8800 GT on November 12th, one week before the HD 2950 Pro, but now they are launching a full 3 weeks earlier (assuming both Nvidia and ATI meet their marks). Will the early bird (Nvidia) catch the worm (lots of munnies)? And will the bird (Nvidia) find the worm (munnies) to be quite delicious and satisfying?

In other news, Nvidia will launch G98 as a replacement for the 8600 series. There is no launch date currently set for the G98. 


Frank Ludwig's Early Bird Poem

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