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Nvidia smushes the desktop GTX 980 into notebooks.

Nvidia has finally done it! They have managed to put a complete desktop GPU into some notebooks. This GTX 980 notebook GPU has the same memory bandwidth as the desktop GTX 980, the same amount of CUDA cores, the same memory speed and the same memory interface width. Here is a table which compares the desktop GTX 980, the notebook GTX 980 and the GTX 980M.


   Desktop GTX 980  Laptop GTX 980   GTX 980M
CUDA Cores            2,048            2,048        1,536
Base Clock        1,126 MHz        1,064 MHz   1,038 MHz
Memory Speed        7,000 MHz        7,000 MHz   2,500 MHz
Memory Interface Width           256-bit          256-bit      256-bit
Memory Bandwidth        224 GB/sec       224 GB/sec   160 GB/sec

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