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Nvidia releases the Titan from its ancient slumber.

Today Nvidia has revealed their next desktop graphics solution to the world and they are calling it the Titan. Nvidia has named their new flagship card after their Titan supercomputer which (they claim) the technology of this new GPU is based on.

The Titan is home to Nvidia's new GK110 GPU. The GK110 is built using the 28nm process just like the GTX 680's GK104 GPU, however some important improvements have been made. The Titan's GPU contains 2,688 CUDA cores, which is 1,152 more than the GTX 680. It also has more texture units (224 vs 128) and ROPs (48 vs 32) than the GTX 680. Outside the GPU, the Titan also has a 384 bit memory bus width. This is better than the GTX 680's 256 bit width, but we have seen cards with wider memory buses in the past.


GTX Titan

I have added the GeForce GTX Titan to the database and I will add retail cards and reviews as they become available. For more information you can check out a video from PC Perspective here, PC Perspective's excellent preview article and the Titan's regular Nvidia page (not the special launch page) here.

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