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Nvidia relaunches the Ti series with the GTX 560 Ti.

Those of you that have been into computer hardware for as long as Mike and I probably recall Nvidia's Ti series. From the GeForce2 through the GeForce4 series the Ti brand was used to identify Nvidia's higher end models. Nine years since it was last used, Nvidia has brought it back.

I did receive a GTX 560 Ti to review but unfortunately now is not a good time for me to review a new video card. I am moving out of my apartment this weekend so I did not have the time to test and review this card. I would rather wait until I have the time to do it right instead of posting a rushed or flawed review.

I have added the card to the site and I will be adding cards, reviews and prices as the day goes on. From what I have read so far the GTX 560 Ti can often match or surpass the HD 5870, but it is has tough competition from the HD 6950 1GB which was strategically released to do just that.

Here's a pic of MSI's N560GTX-Ti Twin Frozr II Golden Edition:

MSI Twin Frozr II Golden Edition

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