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Nvidia Kepler 104 and 110 tidbits.

Nvidia is rumored to be rushing out (February is the word on the street) a high-end card featuring the Kepler 104 GPU in order to compete with the recently released HD 7970. So far this mysterious card is said to have 2GB of GGDR5, a clock speed of 780Mhz, a 225W TDP, and (only) a 256-bit memory bus.

A 256-bit memory bus seems a little weird to me. Nvidia has used a 384-bit bus on their GTX 480 and 580, and a 320-bit bus for their GTX 470 and 570. The 256-bit cards have all been strictly mid-range parts in the last two series.

The Kepler 104 is supposed to be competitive with the HD 7970, but the sources are saying that it is not the highest-end GPU being developed by the green team. The real new flagship is said to be the Kepler 110, which will be released sometime in March or April.


Nvidia logo on a chip

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