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Nvidia increases the number of stream processors on new 8800 GTSs.

When I was adding the new 8800 GTs yesterday I noticed that Evga and BFG had new 8800 GTSs listed. BFG's is listed with "112 Stream Processors" and Evga's are listed with stream processors of "96+" instead of the usual "96". Then Mike pointed me to the last paragraph of [H]ard|OCP's 8800 GT review. BFG also drafted a short press release for [H]ard|OCP on the subject which also stipulates that their new card will only be available from CompUSA. That is really all the information we have right now. I have made a new reference card type for these new 8800 GTSs. The only specification I have changed is the stream processor count for now. If you guys find more news about this please leave us a comment.

BFG GeForce 8800 GTS EE OC
Evga GeForce 8800 GTS
Evga e-GeForce 8800 GTS KO
Evga e-GeForce 8800 GTS SSC

UPDATE: There is a thread in the Evga forums were moderator EVGATech_JacobF is being very vague.

UPDATE 2 Update Harder: Some Ncix staff members have confirmed with Evga that these new 8800 GTSs are the ones that were rumored to come out in November. They also said it had a G92 core...

The people in this [H]ard|Forum thread have been doing a good job of staying on top of this stuff... 

BFG New 8800 GTS specs

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