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Nvidia improves the nation's best virtual reality simulator.

The virtual reality room known as C6 is located at Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa (where I got my degree in MIS). Nvidia worked closely with Mechdyne to redisgn the room which now has a resolution of over 100 million pixles (2560 x 1600 = 4,096,000 pixels). The room is powered by what appears to be (from the picture) 48 HP computers (with AMD processors) that each have 2 Nvidia Quadro cards. The images are displayed by 24 digital Sony projectors and the room is wired with 8 channel audio as well. Ultrasonic motion tracking technology is used to track the movements of the people inside C6.

When I was at ISU, C6 was still the "best" in the country, but it was not as cool as it is now. Unfortunately for me, I never got a chance to see or use C6. They are not too keen on letting just anyone use such an expensive facility.

Here is a story from Engadget from May 10th 2006 when the upgrade process began. There is also an article at ISU's site from May 2006. And finally the updated C6 information page at ISU.

For an exterior shot of C6, click here.


C6 Old and New


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