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Nvidia drops prices for the GTX 280, GTX 260 and 9800 GTX.

Sometime yesterday Nvidia officially gave me and lots of other early adopters the finger. 20 days after the launch of the GTX series they have lowered the GTX 280 by $149 and the GTX 260 series by $129. That's the price we pay for buying things at launch I guess. Since 30 days have not passed I still have the option of returning my card to Newegg for a full refund, then I could just buy the same card for $149 less. I won't do that though, I don't need the money that bad and (for me) its not worth the hassle.

[H]ard|OCP has the new prices that the AIB board partners pay to Nvidia and the new MSRP prices. Newegg is selling at the new prices but prices at the manufacturer sites (Evga, PNY) have not dropped yet. Here are the Neweggs links for each of these cheaper cards:

GeForce GTX 280s starting at $459 after rebate.
GeForce GTX 260s starting at $329.
GeForce 9800 GTX starting at $196.  

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